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Workshop about encouragement

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About: Every parent wants to give his children the best tools and conditions for development and empowerment. It begins with selecting the educational institutions in which we enroll our children and continues with selecting workshops, classes, and leisure time activities, which will enrich, strengthen, and develop our little geniuses. But it starts at home, through us, the parents - proper encouragement of our children allows them to do things they didn't think they could do. An encouraging child is a child who is not afraid to try, develop and be independent. What will we talk about: What is encouragement? Courage versus fear How is our sense of belonging related to encouragement? What are the ways of education that harm the sense of belonging? How does the parent's reaction affect the child's opinion of himself? Why does the parent himself need encouragement? How should we encourage our children? What will you get: You will learn practical tools to increase the child's self-worth and sense of belonging. So that he grows up to be an independent adult with self-confidence, values, the ability to form safe relationships, and the ability to deal with failure and disappointment. You will hear examples from other parents, we will discuss about those situations and of course- answers to your questions.

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