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Omer Matalon, Couple and Family Relocation Support

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If you are looking for a positive change in your family or relationship, I am here to provide you with professional assistance and diverse support in facing the challenges that a new reality can bring.


I'm a couples counselor and parent trainer, specializing in supporting families through the relocation process.


Relocation, the move to a new country, and the significant changes that occur in your lives require a deep understanding of the processes you are about to undergo or are currently experiencing.

Positive and proactive coping with the challenges associated with the relocation process can enhance the experience and help build a successful and fulfilling life framework in the new country.

קצת על עצמי

About Me

Nice to meet you, my name is Omer Matalon. I hold a degree in Psychology and Management. In recent years, I have been working as a parent trainer and couples’ counselor, specializing in guiding families through the relocation process and helping them navigate their most important relationships.

I am married to Dror and the mother of two wonderful children, Lian and Yali. In recent years, we have been living in Portugal.

From a young age, I knew I wanted to work in therapy. The desire to understand people and their thought processes always intrigued me. During my psychology studies, I was captivated by the fascinating world of children. Concurrently with my university studies, my daughter Lian was born, teaching me how challenging yet immensely joyful raising children can be. This challenge deepened three years later with the birth of Yali, further fueling my desire to explore and deepen my knowledge of child development.

Through my work as a parent trainer, I discovered the complex and fascinating world of couples' relationships. I realized that many parenting crises stem primarily from the couple's relationship, our ability to overcome and grow together from challenges, and relying on our partners as a strong support system.


When we undertook our own relocation, I understood the immense importance of emotional preparation and the family's ability to adapt to a new environment. By helping families cope healthily and constructively with the challenges of relocation, I witness the positive impact of this significant and exciting change on their parenting and relationships.

I am here to support you through the relocation process and ensure you can optimally face any challenge that comes your way. In this mission, I continue to help families transform the meaning of the relocation journey, turning it into an opportunity for improvement and growth.

תמונה עם הילדים

"In order for human beings to feel good and be good to themself and others, they must recognize that they are valuable, loved, wanted and necessary"

  -Alfred Adler

ליווי ברילויישן


The three most significant crises for any family are bereavement, divorce, and relocation.

Did you know that relocation is the third? Who would have thought that this incredible life experience could turn into one of the biggest crises? Relocation is a complex process that impacts all areas of life and requires coping with numerous challenges. The relocation experience is influenced by key life factors such as self-fulfillment, relationships, family, and social circles. Each of these stands alone but influences and is influenced by the others, and together they create our life experience.

During the relocation process, breaking and re-establishing ties of belonging can expose the family unit to many challenges. It is a significant change that requires thorough preparation. My expertise in providing guidance aims to help you examine and work on each part of the puzzle. My goal is to assist you in adapting effectively, creating a sense of belonging, development, and home, anywhere in the world.

In my guidance processes, I meet families at various stages of their relocation journey. Families for whom relocation is still a dream, families in the preparation stages for relocation, families already living abroad, and families planning to return to Israel. Each family receives support and guidance from me according to their stage in the process.

Relocation, despite its challenges, can offer many opportunities for self-discovery and growth. As an expert in relocation processes, I understand the challenges and opportunities involved in moving to another country. If you are seeking support during your relocation process, I am here to help. I believe that this journey can be an opportunity for change and growth, and I am excited to accompany you on it.

הדרכת הורים בשיטת אדלר

Parent training

Parenting guidance helps resolve communication issues between parents and their children, thereby addressing emotional, behavioral, and social challenges that children face. As parents, you are the authority figures, decision-makers, and guides for your family’s life, and to a large extent, for your children’s lives. That’s why I am here for you—to guide you through various situations and equip you with tools that will enhance your parenting and help you overcome challenges with your children.

Questions, uncertainties, and dilemmas may arise along the way, and finding answers can often be a challenging task. Many parents feel confused, insecure, powerless, and even desperate while trying to do their best for their children. But you are not alone! Together, we will embark on a fascinating and life-changing journey where we will pause, reflect, and recalibrate to achieve positive and optimistic parenting. During this journey, you will acquire a rich and empowering toolkit to better understand your children, find your unique parental voice, experience less guilt, frustration, and fatigue, and more joy, confidence, and compassion, and ultimately, become the parents your children need you to be.

When parenting is inclusive, enabling, and tolerant—without dismissing difficulties and frustrations, but rather allowing emotions to simply be present—it gives children what they need to grow with self-confidence and the ability to trust themselves in facing life’s challenges. Like a bird that nourishes and cares for its chicks and eventually watches them spread their wings and fly as independent adults—we too want to provide, nurture, cultivate, and teach our children life skills that will equip them to handle life and fulfill themselves in the path they choose. Their sense of capability will be built from the relationship they have with us and the lessons we teach them, with patience, love, and joy (most of the time 😊).

ייעוץ זוגי

Couple counseling

Couples counseling is designed to help partners resolve conflicts on various issues such as social, communicative, emotional, and sexual matters. It is based on the premise that a relationship is a dynamic system, subject to crises and changes over the years, especially when undergoing relocation. Therefore, it is natural for couples to seek professional help and guidance at certain times.

My goal in the counseling process is to create a healthy communication channel between you as a couple, change unhelpful behavior patterns, and encourage growth and change by focusing on providing tools for improving communication. Through counseling, you will learn to bridge the gaps between you, understand each other's perspectives better, and constructively deal with future conflicts.

Couples counseling is not only for those in crisis but can also enhance the overall quality of the relationship. Maintaining a close relationship over time is not a given. By addressing aspects of stability and change, we will work on reducing disagreements and strengthening your bond.

It is recommended to seek couples counseling when experiencing:

  • Relationship crisis: When facing a significant crisis (anything that threatens the continuation of the relationship), both partners must be committed to maintaining the relationship.

  • Personal crisis of one partner: A personal crisis can often lead to a relationship crisis. Couples may seek counseling due to issues arising from individual therapy that indicate the root of the problem lies in the relationship.

  • Communication difficulties: Couples who wish to improve their relationship and develop more effective communication patterns.

  • Intimacy issues: Couples sexual counseling focuses on how the relationship affects the partners' sexuality, helping them find a common intimate language and grow closer physically and emotionally.

  • Separation process: Couples who decide to separate and dissolve the family unit can use couples counseling as a form of "pre-separation therapy" to learn how to part respectfully and handle matters concerning the children and family properly.

  • Significant life change: In addition to seeking counseling for specific difficulties, couples can also seek therapy to prepare for major life changes (such as upcoming marriage, first childbirth, moving abroad, etc.)


We would like to highly recommend Omar Matalon as a parent trainer.

Omar is a pleasant and knowledgeable professional. She was attentive to our needs as a family and knew how to tailor the training to our needs. She showed a lot of flexibility and compassion as a mother herself. Even though the training was in Zoom, she was able to read us and enter our house And above all - she gave us practical tools that will serve us for life! Thank you, Omar

Adi and Amit

מן הרשת
צרו קשר

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